Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships has had their eye on the Ram 1500; it is one of the trustworthy light-duty trucks in our inventory, and it is quite popular. You have probably seen it trucking around Lima, and perhaps you wondered how you would look in it. Well, check out the following statement-worthy features, and see if this truck is for you.

V8 Strong

One thing that makes this light-truck stand the test of time is its towing capacity. More towing capacity means the truck can withstand your workload without breaking down on you. You can do a lot with 12,750 pounds of towing capacity, thanks to the V8 engine inside.

True Steel

Another testament to the automaker was its decision to place 98 percent of real high-strength steel all over the frame of the truck. This means the truck can take a hit better than other vehicles. No one is saying we want you to test this out, but it does feel good to offer an exceptionally durable and safe vehicle.

These are some durability features you can find on the Ram 1500. Take that test drive, and see how natural it feels to be in this truck.



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