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Inspect Cooling System Before Vacation Trip

Is there a vacation road trip in your future? At Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships, we recommend that owners schedule an inspection of their engine's radiator and cooling system. This is one of the easiest ways to give you peace of mind while driving on your vacation. Our experienced service department technicians in Lima, OH can catch small problems early before they develop into major headaches from overheated engines that can ruin your trip.

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Let Your Vehicle Empower You

If you don't know whether you should get a vehicle with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, you should decide what it is that you like to drive. If you like to drive crossovers and sedans, then you will end up with all-wheel drive. If you like trucks or SUVs, then you will get four-wheel drive.

Vehicles that have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive offer better handling and control over your average vehicle that only has power to two of its wheels. If you drive a vehicle that has more power, you'll be able to do more exploring and…

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Introducing the Buick Grand National Documentary: Black Air

With a fuel-injected, turbocharged engine that produced 200 hp at 4400 rpm and 300 lb/ft of torque at 2400 rpm, the Buick Grand National made a name for itself in the '80s. Though the model saw its last days in 1987, the name continues to elicit a heavy dose of nostalgia amongst loyal GN fans. Many fondly refer to the shiny, black car as "the black sheep," "the mold-breaker", and "the kid wearing the black leather jacket at the high school graduation."1 Thanks to three years of hard work by New York producer Andrew Filippone Jr., Buick owners…

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Fiat Gains Majority Hold of Chrysler

Italian auto maker Fiat currently owns a 53.5% stake in Chrysler.  This makes Fiat the majority stakeholder.  Over the past couple years Chrysler has experienced lows and highs.  And since the recession Chrysler has been widely accepted again by consumers.


Thanks to Fiats majority hold over the American automaker, US taxpayers are off the hook with having to contribute any more for Chrysler's bankruptcy. However, experts believe they are unlikely to recover $1.3 billion owed by the previous incarnation of Chrysler.


The US Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability said last week, "With today's closing, the…

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