Our team cannot wait to help keep your vehicle fully protected with the Diamond Total Protection Package. This service will make your vehicle look just like it did on the day it was manufactured at the factory. The free annual renewal service* and the comprehensive warranty programs will help you feel secure that your car, truck, or SUV model is totally protected while you are driving on the road. At Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships, we think that you deserve to drive a vehicle that reflects how proud you are to drive it. That is why we suggest that you take advantage of the Diamond Total Protection Package and the most resilient paint out on today's market. The benefits of using this package include:

- Rust Protection: Protects against salt, sand, and road debris 

- Underbody Sound Barrier: Reduces road noise and annoying vibrations        

- Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection: Shields your vehicle from any staining caused by bugs, debris, road tar, salt, and bird droppings

- Ultra Fabric Protection: Protects your interior from staining and spilling by hot and cold beverages

Other factors that the professionals at Tom Ahl want you to know include:

Free Annual Renewal Service ($299.99 Value)

Super Rust Protection

  • Damage inspection

  • Touch-ups

  • Clean important body seams (such as on your hood, doors, trunk, tailgate, etc.)

  • Reapplication of protection

  • Reinject protection system into lower body panels

Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

  • Exterior chemical wash

  • Use a clay bar for additional contaminants

  • Polish your exterior 

  • Apply and spread Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

  • Detail with a precise microfiber cloth

  • Clean and dress headlights, glass, taillights, rims, tires, and body side moldings

Ultra Fabric Protection

  • Vacuum cabin

  • Reapplication of Ultra Fabric Protection and/or Leather Conditioner 

10-Year Warranty: New Vehicle (0-12** and 0-12,000 miles)

Used Vehicle (13-36** and 12,001-36,000 miles)

Service Warranty: Used Vehicles (36,001 or more miles)

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