Improve Your Vehicle's Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Coverage With A Tom Ahl Pro Certified Lifetime Wrap

Though the protection you receive through your Pro Certified Lifetime Limited Warranty is a good foundation, there are still various components that will not be covered. The team at Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships wants you to have peace of mind about your powertrain, which is why we recommend you take advantage of the Tom Ahl Pro Certified Lifetime Wrap service contract. By doing so, your repair costs will be covered by one of the most comprehensive plans in the entire automotive industry.

Repairs for your vehicle can be extremely extensive, especially with all of the advancements in driving technology. Just a single mechanical issue has the potential to cost thousands of dollars and hurt your wallet. The professionals at Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships wants to prevent that from happening A valuable Tom Ahl Pro Certified Lifetime Wrap provides you with the coverage to help protect your future finances from unexpected and costly repairs for as long as you own your vehicle

The following is included in the Tom Ahl Pro Certified Lifetime Wrap coverage:

Roadside assistance
Feel feel to call our toll-free number for 24/7 sign-and-drive service up to $50 per occurrence or up to $150 for towing. You can also be reimbursed up to those limits if you use your own provider.

Rental car reimbursement
$50 per day with a maximum of $350 total for a rental vehicle when a covered breakdown occurs.

Travel and lodging reimbursement
Meals and lodging up to $100 per day, with a maximum of $300 per occurrence, if you are stranded more than 100 miles from home due to a covered breakdown.

The Tom Ahl Pro Certified Lifetime Wrap also covers:


  • Monday 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Sunday Closed


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 Suspension  Electronic Suspension
 Ball Joints Spindle supports Air suspension bags
 Coil Springs Spindles Air suspension compressor
 Control arm bushings Steering Knuckles Air suspension lines
 Control arm shafts Strut bar bushings Air suspension fittings
 Hub bearings Strut bar links Variable suspension air tubes
 King pin bushings Strut bars Variable suspension control processor
 King pins Strut mounts Variable suspension sensors
 Leaf spring bushings Torsion bar mounts Variable suspension struts
 Leaf spring shackles Torsion bars variable suspension switches
 Leaf springs Track bar bushings 
 Lower control arms Track bar links 
 MacPherson strut cartridges Track bars 
 MacPherson strut housing Upper control arms 
 Shocks Wheel bearings 

 Ball guides Pump pressure plate Steering pump mounting bracket
 Ball nut Pump reservoir Steering pump pulley
 Bolts Pump reservoir o-ring Tie rod ends
 Bushings Pump shaft Tie rods
 Center link Pump vanes Tilt wheel mechanism
 Control rings Rack bellows Washers
 Control valve Rack end seals Worm shaft
 Cups Rack housing Worm gear adjuster
 Drag link Rack mounts Yoke spring
 Filler cap Rack shaft 
 Idler arm Rack yoke Four-Wheel Steering
 Lock ring Relay rod Center shaft
 Locknuts Roller balls Power cylinder
 Pinion Shims Steering gear housing
 Pinion seal Snap rings Steering pump
 Pinion shaft adjuster Spool valve Steering rack assembly
 Pitman arm Steering column bearings Stepper motor
 Pitman shaft Steering column coupling Stepper motor control processor
 Pitman shaft adjuster Steering fluid cooler Stepper motor sensors
 Pitman shaft seal Steering fluid cooler lines 
 Pump housing Steering gear housing 
 Manual Power Brakes Hydro-boost unit Return springs
 Accumulator Master cylinder Self-adjuster mechanism
 Backing Plate Master cylinder seals Vacuum Booster
 Brake adjusters Master brake line fittings Wheel cylinder seals
 Brake pedal Metal brake lines Wheel cylinders
 Brake pedal apply pin Metering valve 
 Brake pedal lever Parking brake adjuster ABS Brakes
 Brake pedal pivot Parking brake cable ABS booster/pump
 Brake wear sensors Parking brake lever ABS control processor
 Caliper seals Parking brake pedal ABS dump valve
 Combination valve Parking brake ratchet assembly ABS master cylinder
 Disc brake calipers Pressure differential switch ABS sensors
 Hold down nails Proportioning valve ABS solenoids
 Hold down springs Residual pressure check valve 
 Alternator Bearings Horn switch Starter field windings
 Alternator brushes Ignition switch Starter motor
 Alternator diodes Manually operated switches Starter motor case
 Alternator field coils Map light switch Starter solenoid
 Alternator housing Mirror switch Sunroof motor switch
 Alternator mounting bracket Neutral safety switch Voltage regulator
 Alternator pulley Power seat switch Washer pump
 Alternator rotor Power window switch Washer reservoir
 Backup light switch Rectifier bridge Wiper delay controller
 Brake light switch Starter armature Wiper motor linkage
 Defroster switch Starter brushes Wiper motors
 Door lock switch Starter bushings Wiper switch
 Glove box light switch Starter drive Wiring harness
 Headlight switch  
 Interior Climate  
 A/C compressor Ducts Plenum door motors
 A/C compressor clutch Evaporator Plenum doors
 A/C compressor coil Expansion valve POA valve
 A/C compressor mounting bracket Heater control valve Programmer
 A/C compressor pulley Heater core Receiver-dryer
 A/C muffler High/low cut-off switches Schrader valve caps
 Accumulator Idler pulley Schrader valves
 Blower fan motor Idler pulley bearing Serpentine belt tensioner
 Condenser Idler pulley mounting bracket Serpentine belt tensioner bearing
 Control cables Manifold Serpentine belt tensioner pulley
 Control switch Orifice tube Temperature sensors
 Fuel System  
 Accelerator cable Fuel level sending unit Metal fuel lines
 Accelerator linkage Fuel pressure regulator Throttle body
 Accelerator pedal Fuel pump Throttle body gaskets
 Fuel fittings Fuel tank Throttle linkage
 Fuel injection distribution rails Fuel tank filler neck Throttle plate
 Fuel injection pump Fuel tank o-ring Throttle shaft
 Fuel injectors  
 Cooling Sysem
 Coolant recovery tank Fan clutch Radiator
 Cooling fan relay Fan motor Radiator mounting brackets
 Fan Fan shroud Thermostat

 Interior Electronics  
 Amplifiers Graphic equalizer Proximity pass sensor*
 Cruise control assembly Heads-up display control unit Radio
 Cruise control cables Heads-up display projector Rain-sensing wiper sensors*
 Cruise control module Intelligent cruise control sensors and transmitters* Television*
 Cruise control servo Magnetic tape player Rear audio system*
 Dash-mounted CD player Manual climate control selector Rear compact disc player*
 DVD player* Navigation system* Rear-view camera*
 Digital dash display Near-object avoidance receivers, sensors and transmitters* Trip/mileage/engine function computers
 Electronic climate control head Proximity pass key* Video cassette player*
 Electronic video game*  
 Powertrain Electronics  
 Air control solenoid EFE heater Pickup coil
 Air flow meter Hall effect switch Pole piece
 Air regulator valve IAC motor Throttle position sensor
 Barometric pressure sensor Ignition coil Timing control processor
 Coolant sensor Knock sensor Timing control sensors
 Cooling fan control processor Map sensor Transmission shift control processor
 Cooling fan sensors Mechanical advance Transmission shift control sensors
 Crankshaft position sensor Mixture control processor Vacuum advance
 Distributor Mixture control sensors Vehicle speed sensors
 Distributor gear Oxygen sensor 
 Convenience Accessories  
 Anti-theft system components Power door lock relays Rear window defogger
 Bluetooth connectivity Power headlamps motor Rear window defroster
 Convertible top frame Power mirror motors Remote entry receiver
 Heated seat elements Power seat motor Remote entry sender
 Heated steering wheel Power sunroof motor 
 Horn Power tailgate motor Memory Seat & Steering
 Horn relay Power tailgate solenoids Activator switches
 Keyless entry module Power top motor Control processor
 Power antenna motor Power trunk motor Motors
 Power door lock actuator Power trunk solenoids Solenoids
 Power door lock motor Power window motor Switches
 Vehicle Hardware  
 Ash tray and bracket Hood latch and hinges Power seat track assembly
 Bumper impact absorbers Hood release cable Power seat transmission
 Courtesy light switches Hood springs Seat back release mechanism
 Door hinges Hood supports Sunroof cable and guides
 Door linkages Inner door handles Trunk hinges
 Door strikers LED lighting Trunk latch
 Gas tank door latch Liftgate supports Trunk lid striker plate
 Gas tank door release cable Manual seat track assembly Trunk lid supports
 Glove box latch Outer door handles Trunk torsion bars
 Glove box lock assembly Parking and side lamp sockets Window handles
 Hatch hinges Power seat adjusters Window regulators
 Headlamp mounting buckets Power seat cables 
 Occupant Restraint  
 Seat belt(s) Seat belt buckle retractors/tensioners Seat belt reminder buzzer
 Seat belt buckles/latches Seat belt pretensioner Seat belt reminder lamp
 Seat belt buckle switch Seat belt motors 
 Occupant Protection  
 Airbag fault/warning light Impact sensor Restraints/airbag control module
 Airbag module Occupancy Sensors 
 Sport Package   
Body Accessories Convenience & Utility Four-Wheel AccessoriesTrailering
 Mounting bracket(s) Bed liner Brush guards Auxiliary fuel tank and cut-over switch
 Pop-out or sliding side and/or rear window latches and hinges Cargo lamp Headlight grills skid plates Bed-mounted fifth wheel hitch
 Running boards Cargo tie-downs Locking hub assembly Insert and wiring receptacle
 Spare tire carrier Gun rack Power winch motor Running light bodies and lenses
 Spare tire swing arm pivot latches and locks Rail protectors Power winch rollers Trailer hitch receiver
 Step bumper(s) Tailgate edge protectors Remote control wiring harness 
 Swing-away mirror arms and mounts Tailgate handle Skid plates 
  Tailgate hinges and latches Tow hooks 

 Tailgate lock and cables  

 Tool box  
 Seals & Gaskets  
 Axle gasket(s) Exhaust manifold gasket(s) Rear main seal
 Axle seal(s) Front crankshaft seals Shifter seal
 Cam housing gasket(s) Front pump seal(s) Speedometer cable seal
 Compressor gaskets Hub or wheel bearing seal Steering pump shaft seal
 Compressor line o-rings Intake manifold gasket(s) Timing cover gasket
 Compressor seals Oil pan gasket Transfer case seal(s)
 CV joint boots Output shaft seal Transmission pan gasket
 Cylinder head gasket(s) Pinion seal Valve cover gasket(s)
 Differential gasket(s)