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Schedule a summer service appointment for your car at Tom Ahl Family Of Dealerships

Here at Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships, we take pride in meeting our customers' needs in every capacity. This means that we don't just offer the best selection of new and used vehicles, but we also offer the advantage of our onsite service and repair centers at various locations for drivers around Lima, OH.

If you're from the Lima, OH area and beyond and you're looking to ensure your vehicle is ready for more frequent summer travel, we'd love to help you schedule a s\

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Why Mixing Motor Oil Types is Not a No-No

You've use synthetic motor oil but you accidentally bought conventional. Well, you can't use the conventional oil because switching between the two types is wrong, isn't it? Read on to find out why that is a motor oil myth.

Synthetic oil certainly has superior qualities, but that doesn't mean your vehicle won't work properly if you switch to conventional oil. In fact, there's nothing harmful about it at all. Feel free to switch oil as long as you follow the manufacturer's motor oil viscosity recommendations listed in your owner's manual.


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What Items You Should Have Available to Change a Tire

Flat tires never happen where it is convenient. Nor do tires go flat at a convenient time. There always seems to be mitigating circumstances when a tire goes flat: You are on the freeway; you are on a country gravel road; you are outside an office on a busy street; it is raining; it is freezing, or the sun is beating down.

No matter the circumstances you find yourself in when a tire goes flat, you should be prepared with a group of items. First, you need an inflated spare tire or donut. You need a jack, a lug wrench…

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Stay Away From Hydroplaning Hassles

Driving in wet conditions is always a big chore. Rainy weather can affect your visibility. It can lead to dangers such as hydroplaning, too. Hydroplaning can be extremely alarming.

Don't assume that there's absolutely nothing you can do to protect your vehicle and self from the undesirable circumstances, though. Evaluate tire tread. This can help you determine whether your road traction is up to par. Stay far away from your cruise control option any time it's raining out. Go above and beyond to drive safely. Speeding and safety on the road don't mix well together at…
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How to Prepare for a Potential Roadside Emergency

Preparation is the key when it comes to surviving any roadside emergency. Here are a few things to consider today while you are home safe.
  • Be sure to keep an empty gas can in the trunk. Rather than walk to a service station, someone offering help can assist.
  • Keep a gallon of water in the trunk just in case the engine overheats. This will allow you to drive to a service station and get off the highway.
  • A roll of duct table in the toolbox can be handy for patching a hole in your radiator hose so you can drive…
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Inspect Cooling System Before Vacation Trip

Is there a vacation road trip in your future? At Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships, we recommend that owners schedule an inspection of their engine's radiator and cooling system. This is one of the easiest ways to give you peace of mind while driving on your vacation. Our experienced service department technicians in Lima, OH can catch small problems early before they develop into major headaches from overheated engines that can ruin your trip.

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The Pros of Getting Service at Your Dealership

Every car owner knows that regular maintenance is extremely important to the upkeep of your vehicle. Some vehicle owners may be at a loss, however, as to where they should turn for quality maintenance to keep their automobiles running smoothly. The local auto shop? Your friend who knows about cars? Your dealership is the best place to take your car for its regular services.

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Fall Maintenance Inspection Importance

We all know that regular maintenance is important to ensure that you stay safe on the road. Performing a fall inspection will help to maintain your vehicles health during the harsh winter months. One of the most important parts of a fall inspection is making sure that your brakes are in proper working order.

There are indicators that you need your brakes checked. These indicators are hearing your vehicles brakes grinding or squealing, feeling your vehicle pulling to one side while braking, or your steering wheel shutters while you are braking.

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