The Buick Encore is a luxury SUV in the family of vehicles. Although it's small in size, the details on the outside of the vehicle make up for this feature. A sculpted front and grille of the SUV make it easy to recognize on the road in Lima.

LED lights come standard for the headlights and the taillights. There's almost an athletic appearance to the exterior of the vehicle because it is smaller while still offering plenty of details that you'll enjoy.

Several wheel options are available. You'll find that each package has its own design, but you can choose the type that you like if you want something different. Aluminum is an option along with chrome, each with a unique style that can make the vehicle stand out from others on the road. Different sizes of the wheels are available as well depending on how high you want the vehicle to sit off the ground. Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships can change the wheels at any time.



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