Just imagine cruising down the streets of Lima in a sleek, attractive vehicle with a custom color that expresses who you really are. Imagine slicing through the air with an aerodynamic, curvy auto body with a flat top design that’s like hovering on a cushion of air. Imagine having a heated exterior system that repels rain, ice and buildup. Just imagine all this including attractive rear and front bright lamps for excellent visibility and style.

Now, imagine this all wrapped around a safe, durable, dependable compact design with a price you can actually live with. Well, it’s all possible with the Fiat 500X. Many say Fiat is, after all, the first name in style. Italy is a source of great style, so this should be no surprise whatsoever.

To experience this affordable, practical example of style and elegance for yourself, come on over to Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships and have a test drive!



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