Brakes Squealing? Time To Replace the Pads

if you hear a squealing or grinding noise when you put on your brakes, it is already too late and you need to have your pads replaced. Replacing brake pads is a regular maintenance item due to regular friction and wear.

Brake pads protect the caliper from friction when the brake pedal is depressed. The caliper squeezes the rotors to stop the car. This creates an incredible amount of friction, which eventually causes the brake pads to wear out. Failure to replace your brake pads means that the friction will eventually come in contact with the calipers, causing them to need replaced too. Waiting to replace the brake pads for too long can cause a much more costly repair than having them serviced on a regularly.

The best time to service your brakes is before you need to, so bring them into Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships today.

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