The Ram 1500 Boosts Safety Features

The Ram 1500 proudly rides on an off-road as a favorite pickup truck. Performance and style contribute to consumer enthusiasm, but. pickup truck drivers place value on safety. The Ram 1500 does present intriguing safety features. Here are some top ones.

A smarter way to ride in cruise control lands on the market thanks to the new Ram 1500. Cruise control makes driving easier for the person behind the wheel, but worries do emerge about the safety factor. With the Ram 1500's "adaptive cruise control," a technological system picks up on "stop and go" traffic while delivering forward collision warnings and a braking assist.

And who wants to bang up a vehicle while parking? A special "guided parking assist" feature potentially cuts down on the potential for an accident. Remember, not all parking-oriented accidents turn out to be minor ones.

See what all the safety buzz is about by taking a Ram 1500 for a test drive in Lima, OH. Take a trip to visit us at Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships and pick a Ram from the showroom for the drive.



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