AWD or 4WD? That is the Question

Here at Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships, we like to make sure our customers are informed. One of the many questions asked is what is the difference between AWD and 4WD. Then the essential choice to make comes into play as well.

When asked to explain what 4WD is the term four by four is often heard. In a 4WD vehicle, the power for the engine goes to all four wheels so that they turn simultaneously at the same speed. This can be great except in circumstances where a vehicle needs to turn a certain way, and the front wheels lose traction. This is why most modern vehicles give drivers the ability to turn it on or off. Making this a great vehicle for off-road adventures.

A little more complicated in terms and to understand is the AWD vehicle. One major difference that distinguishes AWD from the 4WD is that there is no way to turn AWD off. It stays on all the time. An AWD has a box that contains gears that are called a differential. This is how the wheels get the power from the engine. AWD vehicles are also adapted with sensors and computer systems that can essentially be safer for slippery road conditions.
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