GMC Creates Virtual Comfort

How do you stay cool inside the cabin of a GMC Terrain? By using science! Made possible by one individual.


Engineers call him The Iceman (aka Jeff Bozeman). He's "a high-tech top gun whose team created a way to make vehicle passengers feel much warmer or cooler than the cabin temperature in which they are seated." He tested the first results inside 2012's Terrain, available from Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships in 2525 Allentown Road. Lima, OH.1


"Maybe it's my Dutch heritage, but I'm hyper-focused on finding ways to improve driver and passenger comfort while using the absolute minimum amount of energy possible," said Bozeman.1


Testing took place at GM's Climatic Wind Tunnel in Warren, Mich. Environmental chambers there can mimic temperatures from minus 40 to 140 degrees F.


Bozeman utilized 'virtual dummies' to focus on exactly where climate control air streams would provide maximum comfort, and not shoot out air too cold or too hot onto driver and passengers. Monika, and dummy made from a sensor and wire gird, was placed inside the test Terrain, and bombarded with intense hot and cold from all angles. 'She' provided detailed feedback to engineers. Virtual testing is a better way to speed up development, getting the final product out to customers.


"We can better understand things like skin temperature and perspiration and can get a read on a wide range of shapes and sizes of GMC customers," The Iceman added.2


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