Introducing the Buick Grand National Documentary: Black Air

With a fuel-injected, turbocharged engine that produced 200 hp at 4400 rpm and 300 lb/ft of torque at 2400 rpm, the Buick Grand National made a name for itself in the '80s. Though the model saw its last days in 1987, the name continues to elicit a heavy dose of nostalgia amongst loyal GN fans. Many fondly refer to the shiny, black car as "the black sheep," "the mold-breaker", and "the kid wearing the black leather jacket at the high school graduation."1 Thanks to three years of hard work by New York producer Andrew Filippone Jr., Buick owners can travel back in time to the birth of the GN with Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary.

A 60-minute picture, Black Air is set to be released summer 2012. If you're itching to see what it's all about ahead of time, Filippone has been circulating a series of teaser clips on the web.  According to Edmund's Inside Line Associate Editor Mike Magrath, the film falls somewhere "between a history lesson and a memorial." 2

True, a mid-'80s performance car is a rather odd choice to be featured in a full-length documentary, but the filmmaker believes that the Buick Grand National stands for more than simply unprecedented speed. "I wanted to do a doc about class and the stratifications of classes. Something about one's station in life. For some reason, I thought of the first Grand National I saw when I was 16," sup>1 said Filippone.

Whether the documentary will be interpreted as a commentary on the social milieu of the nineteen-eighties or not is up to the audience. However one thing is for sure, Black Air and the Buick model it features already have garnered a support group. One enthusiast writes on the film's Facebook page, "Thank you for doing a documentary on the Buick GN. I have owned my 86 Buick G/N with 7,900 original miles for 13 years...wouldn't sell [it] for any amount."2

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