What the Jeep Pickup Could Be

Models like Jeep Wrangler aren't going anywhere, but it will give way to a new variant - the rumored Jeep Pickup that's been making its way around auto shows as a concept model. The pickup will be coming soon, maybe in 14 months.

What can we expect from a Jeep pickup?

A Jeep truck could very well show up as early as a 2012 model. According to reports, "most of the new truck could be assembled from existing components since it would likely be based on the JK Wrangler chassis (not the J8). In fact, from the front-seats-forward will surely be all-Wrangler."

It won't be a traditional pickup either. Jeep will most likely be an "amalgamation of all the Jeep trucks you have seen over the past several years." The Gladiator concept, which has also popped around auto events, featured an extended cab and a third door, along with a 6-foot bed. All of that body leads to an unwieldy 138.4-inch wheelbase - nearly 2 feet longer than that of the current four-door Wrangler Unlimited.

As far as the Jeep truck drivetrain, expect the 290 horsepower Pentastar V6 standard under the hood. With that power, you could see towing capacity up to something 4,500 pounds, depending on transmission selection.

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Source: http://www.jpmagazine.com/featuredvehicles/154_1106_what_the_new_jeep_pickup_will_and_wont_be/index.html


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